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Nawal Alhaddad - Founder of GLOWco

 Nawal Alhaddad, founder of GLOWco.

The idea came about in 2018 when Nawal first donned the hijab. Having been a fitness instructor for 10 years, she noticed that most of her clients who wore hijab felt their performance was limited to what they wore. Oftentimes, their hijab would not stay in place and their outfits would ride up uncomfortably, exposing certain parts of their bodies - leaving them drenched in sweat, feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Seeing the gap in the market for modest activewear, Nawal thought there was no better way to solve the problem than to be the solution. GLOWco aims to be the answer - without compromising modesty.



As far as Muslim women are concerned, the narrative has always been centred around oppression – and it’s time to change that. Our label represents the true meaning of being a modest, active Muslim woman – we can be whoever we aspire to be, whether it’s someone who stands out from the crowd or someone who perfectly blends into society.

We hope to be able to continue to play a part in female empowerment and helping the world better understand what it means to be a modern Muslim woman. With that, we give attention to detail when selecting and designing collections that will primarily meet the principles and function of modest activewear.

On top of that, we work to incorporate a variety of colours and prints in our collections to make it more fun and exciting to wear. At the same time maintaining affordability, without compromising quality. Much of GLOWco’s activewear is available in a wider range of sizes (S to 3XL)  – which helps make exercise accessible to more women from all over the world. 



3 years after GLOWco was founded, we reached another milestone! Having our very own store. What's so special about our place is that it also fuses into a functional fitness studio. We'd love to have you over at our hybrid space, try on our items and even join our ladies only and hijab friendly fitness classes by our sister brand GLOWco Move.


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