The Making of GLOWco

The Making of GLOWco

Salam and Hello everyone, I'm Nawal Alhaddad - Founder of GLOWco. If you're visiting or hearing about us for the first time, welcome!


Back in 2015, I started running fitness classes for modest women, with over 15 classes across the Island. I was really happy and contented that I was able to provide these women an outlet to enjoy and express themselves freely through fitness.

For a while, I realised there were a group of these women who enjoyed exercising, but did not enjoy the way they looked doing it. After putting on the hijab in 2018, I totally understood why. Working out, I felt like a total "makcik" -with my hijab flying all over the place and in an outfit that didn't quite feel right.



So me and Nadia (our brand developer and good friend) went on a hunt to find other brands to contribute to the marketplace and make this dream come true. It was important that they understood our vision, and wanted to create a new awareness for modest activewear. On top of that, we had managed to create our very own brand GLOWco exclusive - one we had designed from scratch, which is also a huge part of this platform.


Modesty does not have to mean boring, and that it can be accepted as the new mainstream of clothing- where you work towards being more covered up, and not have to worry about performance as a hijabi. Having modest activewear available for these women means they can be in better control of their body, health and wellbeing. Thank you for hearing our story and we hope you leave as a #Glowgetter!