GLOWco's Launch Event

GLOWco's Launch Event


LAUNCH DAY! 6th November 2018

A day filled with love (And nerves!). We took over 2 months preparing for the launch, and was over the moon with the amount of support we got.

To kickstart the launch, i shared my entire journey of a fitness instructor, to a designer, to an entrepreneur. It had always been a dream of mine to be creative and have my own activewear line - and putting on the hijab made it a million times more meaningful, and it made my direction clear as day. I was raw about my experience and honest about the road that wasn't entirely smooth. Felt pretty liberating sharing that amount of truth.

We crafted a make-your-own-prints workshop by LullySelb, where they got to go behind the scenes and explore different techniques and strokes of print making. This value added a whole bunch to the event! They did an incredible job educating our participants on the art that goes with crafting.

Precious moments with loved ones! Huge thank you to LA bridal by founder Lulu Alhaddad for having our event at her gorgeous space! She's like a big sister to me, so every amazing bit of this launch i'd have to credit her. Love you lu!

One of the major highlights! A gentle yet power yoga session. Sponsored by Nawal Haddad Fitness, Instructor Midah carefully guided our participants with loads of stretches and breathing techniques. Loved the room's energy.


Precious moments with loved ones!

One thing everyone was raving about was the food, yummy delicious food! We were honoured to have LimaaCafe sponsor this spread - which cleared out really quickly!

The birth of GLOWco - An unforgettable day.



Nawal Alhaddad